In The Beginning God Made Relaxers...

And I was one of the children whose parents thought it best to use one on my crown. My mother started using relaxers on me starting at the age of about 9. After that I was hooked! No more frizzy hair! No more detangling! Compliments on my hair at church every Sunday? I was relaxing just as much as my hair at this point in life! On top of that, my hair was long. Like really really long! And then boom I turned 14 and started trying to do my hair without my mom’s help. After abusing flat irons and unsuccessfully trying to cut my own bangs for about four years, my hair was finally untamable due to heat damage and split ends. Then in 2012 I went into bootcamp where I learned I didn't even know how manage my own hair when it was not relaxed. After three months of dirty scalps, hair shedding and pulling what was left of my curls out with my hands during training, I decided to get serious about taking care of my hair. On top of that I was super curious to see what y hair would look like if all of it was actually able to curl. My bangs would not curl and my ends were permanently straight. So, after dying it now three times since I joined the military, I went on deployment in 2014 and when I got back the following year, I decided it was time to cut it off. So, I did it. I cut my hair up to my ears and immediately regretted it. I had to learn how to take care of my hair so I started looking into all the products my oldest sister was using (because her hair was crazy curly and crazy long). I tried Treasured Locks, Carols Daughter, Curlz, and Taliah Waajid. All which were super great and super expensive and next thing you know I had more things than I needed and only some of them worked for my hair. Which sparked my curiosity of what is actually in these products that make them so great (and so expensive!)? I started researching the ingredients and looking into what “Cones”, and “Parabens” and “Dyes” actually were and what they did to your hair and I have to say some of the results were scary! I had no idea I had been using these dangerous things on my hair and skin for so long! I found information that they were linked to cancers and skin diseases scalp irritation’s and rashes after prolonged use. So, I began to take down and list all the “Good” and “Safe” ingredients such as Shea Butter, Distilled Water, JBCO which I saw everywhere and no idea meant Jamaican Black Castor Oil and EVO aka Extra Virgin Olive Oil. I started selling all my expensive products from these big hair lines and used the money to invest in some of these ingredients myself. And I 2016 I made my first shea butter hair cream and it smelt awful and it was hard and I had no idea why it came out that way but when I used it on my hair it was instantly a hit for me! My hair was bouncy, shiny, and not weighed down with product. So, I started looking into unrefined vs refined ingredients and the difference of yellow vs ivory shea butter, and what types of coconut oils are best for hair and skin. Then before you know it, I was hooked ad an avid YouTube student. I started experimenting in my kitchen and making various hair oils and testing the results and after bout a year and a half my hair was healthier than ever and back to normal shoulder length! Cn you imagine that? Only a year of taking care of my hair and removing all ingredients I could not pronounce from my hair care routine and it did wonders. For that reason, I encourage all my friends and anyone who knows me, to dismiss their lines of expensive produce and switch to all natural! The thing that I can understand with that though is that not everyone has time to make their own hair and body items. Not everyone feels like looking up every ingredient and finding what is best for them. So, allow me do that for you! Let me help you by making a product that is specific to your needs and make It for you! I enjoy watching people love and embrace their skin and hair! Blemishes aren’t forever and eczema doesn’t have to stop you from enjoying life! And a bad hair day should never overcome your choice to stay inside or leave the house! So, come with me on this journey for love, light and bouncy hair! Come embrace your skin and hair and do it naturally! You re in control of what goes onto your skin and hair when you shop with CurlyDaze.

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